An Enticing Selection of Shopping Opportunities

Mary Kay Cosmetics
Max & Madeleine
Max's Granola
Nakee Butter
Nerium International
Neu Kombucha
Our Greentopia
Perfectly Posh
Radical Plants
Right On Essentials
RK Creations
Roasted Lentils by SSF
Royal Oak Jewelers

Salsa El Cardenal
Shā La Cynt's
Smashing Empire / Hell Fire Hot Sauce
Suzy Q's Earth Remedies
Sweet Potato Delights
The Treehouse for Earth's Children
Trades of Hope
Twistful Thinking
Unity Vibrations Kombucha
URGE Juice
Young Living

Against the Grain Herbal Teas
Be Well LifeStyle Café
Buy the Change
Cason Beverage
Charma's Green Chips
City Style
Crystalline Dream
Dan Bakes
Day to Day Fresh Frozen Foods
Detroit Gourmet Nut Company
Detroit Kombucha Brewing
Flavors for the Soul
Friends of Deroit Potato Chips

Good Stuff Cacao
Ice Cream Plant
Juice Plus
Lauryn Goodvich Photography
Little Bird Soul
Little Lotus Wellness Studio
Lost In Sound Detroit

M is for Massage
M1 Realty